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January 2017

Princess Mononoke 20th Anniversary Screening!


Princess Mononoke turned twenty this year and to celebrate, Fathom Events re-released this classic, visually stunning film in theaters.

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Onihei – Episode 1

“Tanbei of Chigashira” WeekendOtaku pick

Source: Onihei – Episode 1

Scum’s Wish – Episode 1

“Make a Wish” KimmieKawaii pick

Source: Scum’s Wish – Episode 1

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid – episode 1

Episode Title: The Strongest Maid in History, Tohru! (Well, She is a Dragon) KimmieKawaii pick

Source: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid – episode 1

Hand Shakers episode 1

Episode Title: “Conductor to Contact” WeekendOtaku pick

Source: Hand Shakers episode 1

Winter 2017 Viewing Party

As mentioned in my upcoming features announcement, I will be doing episodic reviews of certain anime series for the Winter 2017 season. Joining me in this task is my wife and viewing partner, Kimmi…

Source: Winter 2017 Viewing Party

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