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Not Yet Prepared to Say Goodbye

While a few anime boost episode counts in the triple digits, most series are fortunate to receive even a single season. For some, a dozen episodes is plenty of time to develop a well-executed, satisfying narrative. But for other series, the short span results in loose plot threads and inadequate endings.

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What’s in a Scene? Vincent leaves Romdeau

Weekend Otaku

In this “What’s in a Scene?” post I take a look at a pivotal scene from Ergo Proxy. There are many layers to this show, so if you’re a fan of the series or are curious about it, read onward to see what I’ve found.

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Fashion Friday Feature – Spring and Night Style Boards

The Lily Garden

So I wanted to blog about fashion again.

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Highlights ~ NJ Cosplay Collectible Convention

While I meant to complete this post shortly after the convention, time, as it has been known to do, passed far too quickly.

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First Impressions: Sakura Quest (Eps 1-3) Review

Sakura Quest is the tale of a young woman crowned “queen” of a town, with none of the trappings of a traditional royal tale.

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Judging a Book by its Cover (How I Accidentally Bought BL Manga… Twice)

Image of an anime girl leaned back in a chair, casually flipping through a book.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have noticed that I walked away from my research career and all the responsibilities that come along with marital bliss (relax, it was temporary), to visit my family for a week. It involved ten hours of driving, unlimited cups of coffee, and a lot of solo karaoke.

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100% More Accessibility in One Easy Step

Weekend Otaku

Are you reading this article on your smart device or computer with perfect use of your eyes, ears, and fingers? That’s great if you are, but did you know almost 10% of your readers, on average, may not be?

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I’m Still Alive


Bloggers always manage a hiatus post when they disappear for long stretches of time.  I am a terrible person because I was too lazy to write one.  To be fair, if any of you follow WeekendOtaku, I have been alive and blogging on his site. Now that the episodic reviews for Winter 2017 has ended, I am hoping to get back to blogging on my site.  Also, episodic reviewing is a lot of work, so those of you who do it on a regular basis, props to you!


Ep 5 – Cloudy Skies

Weekend Otaku

Following the harrowing scene at the concert hall, Kaori’s friends check in on her. The bright spring days take a cloudy turn as both Kousei and Tsubaki think about how things are changing.

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